Child Care

Child Care

Dear parents, children are the most precious gift in life. According to scientific research, a child’s personality is developed in the first years of its life.

Choosing a nanny or a baby nurse is extremely important. Together, we can find the right trustworthy, reliable person, with a genuine love for children, to help you raise your child.

It is a job with duties similar to the British nanny. The nanny or governess lives at the family’s house, has her own bedroom and follows the family schedule both at home and on holidays in Greece and abroad. Except for holiday seasons, work is usually five or six days per week.

The required duties and skills are determined according to the needs of the family. The work can be either daily or only for previously specified and agreed days of the week.

This is a job for the holiday season, in Greece and abroad. The nanny takes care of the children and follows the family program. The job is demanding and the work schedule is tailored to the family’s needs.

Maternity or baby nurse is a highly demanding position. The work is usually for up to 6 months. The experienced and qualified specialists provide support and care for newborn babies, but also empower new parents to be able to care for their child with confidence. The goal is for the baby to establish the best sleeping and feeding routine, so that parents can enjoy the first months of their children’s lives and learn how to take good care of them.

Being a native English speaker, with an excellent accent, is a prerequisite for this job. English is the only language spoken at home. Academic qualifications are important.

The position is suitable only for well trained, experienced British nannies, with an excellent accent and reliable, very good references. Duties include caring for the well-being of the children, providing a safe, happy environment that boosts their imagination and creativity. The British nanny typically undertakes all of the tasks related to providing childcare. These tasks include dressing, feeding and bathing, keeping the children’s areas organized and tidy. Also, tasks related to child’s education such as supervising his/her homework, etc.

For this position candidates should have experience and good recommendations. A related degree is considered an additional qualification. Tasks include taking care of children during the absence of parents or guardians. Babysitters on call are responsible for keeping the children safe, and providing for their well-being while the parents are away. This may include playing with the children, and making sure they are fed according to the parents’ instructions.

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