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It is the first serious recruitment agency for nannies in Greece and distinguished for their professionalism. They found exactly the person we were looking for in two days!


We were impressed with the professionalism and prompt response to our needs. Thank you very much Athens Home Services.


Reliability, honesty, trust, consistency, respect and discretion is the spirit of the agency. I highly recommend Athens Home Services.


Our collaboration was excellent at all levels. Finding home staff is not easy, but AHS gets the job done, provides detailed references and carefully makes the right choices.


No, you don't pay for our services. Yes, if we are interested in your resume, you should come for a personal interview.

If your resume is relevant to the positions available, we will call you immediately for an interview.

If you have the background needed and/or experience with proven recommendations, then we will let you know immediately because there are always jobs for well-qualified people.

Through the Au Pair program, women, 18-26 years old, who meet the criteria, can live in the USA for one year, in a host family’s house, to care for their children. In addition to the unique experience, free housing and food, au pairs receive a significant weekly allowance while attending courses.

If the employer wants a cook, yes, we will call you. But if he/she wants a chef, this is not a job for you.

Your job is caring for children only. If requested otherwise (eg ironing children's clothes) this is clarified from the beginning by us and you may reject the position.

By filling in the Job Alert form and ticking the box before sending, we will send you an email when there is a position relevant to your qualifications.

Depending on your needs, we will provide you with a personalized financial offer and clear terms of services before recommending the right employee.

You do not have to come to our office. We can, as well, talk by phone. In the case of a personal meeting, we set an appointment.

Yes, we do provide staff replacement. If, however, you unilaterally change the terms there is no replacement. For example, if you ask for a live-out housekeeper for 5 days per week and then you change it to 6 days, we do not cover it.

Our goal is to find the right staff for you. We have thousands of resumes, and we have personally interviewed all job candidates. The vast majority of our clients are completely satisfied.

We immediately send an email notification when we have a highly qualified candidate, with excellent recommendations, who can find work within a few hours and may you -or people in your environment- are interested to hire. Ideal Staff Alert gives you the opportunity to hire the ideal candidate, before someone else has the chance.






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